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Matching Couple Rings - The genesis of an enduring symbol


One of the most powerful emotions on the day of the wedding is the moment when the first glance is exchanged when walking down the aisle wearing a white dress to reach the bride's future husband.

This moment of intense emotion will be followed by another moment of emotion that seals the union between the spouses that is the exchange of wedding rings. The exchange of wedding rings during the ceremony is a gesture full of solemnity and brings with it so much emotion for the spouses as well as for all the people present; it is also the moment at which the vow of love is made to be cherished for the rest of eternity.

The ring, derived from the Latin anulus, which translates to circle, is circular in shape and has no beginning nor end. It symbolizes the circle of eternity and life.

It's not a coincidence that it is the symbol used to symbolize the indissoluble love that binds two people.

From the Latin fides comes the term "faith" which is a reference to loyalty. Fides was the name given to a Roman goddess who was the embodiment of loyalty. At first, its primary and traditional meaning was tied to the loyalty of the Roman citizen to his country.

The history of wedding rings as objects is tied to the general idea of using rings as symbols of something significant.

The ancient Egyptians used to attach hieroglyphs and scarabs to rings. The Greeks had rings that featured engravings or cameos. For the early Romans it was the case that the use of these jewels was regulated by law: the rings of free citizens were made of gold, the ones of freed slaves of silver, and those of slaves of iron. Christians also soon embraced the habit of wearing these jewelry and since the Middle Ages onwards the practice of presenting a ring bishops and kings during consecration or coronation ceremony was adopted.

According to tradition, pontiffs continue to receive the so-called "piscatory ring" depicting the boat of St. Peter surrounded by the name of the Pope.

The awe-inspiring appeal of this ornament reached its peak in the 16th century. People wore one or more rings on their fingers, often with a seal, or embellished more with stones.

The use of rings during wedding ceremonies and engagement promises also has a long tradition. In the time of the barbarians, couples exchanged a ring as a symbol of fidelity to signify their vow of love. During the Middle Ages, however, women were known to braiding their hair and the hair of their future husband around the ring and kept it for 9 days on their chest at heart level before exchanging it on their wedding day as a sign of love and commitment. And it is from the 16th century that the wedding ring acquires its appearance and the meaning we still attribute to it today. In actual fact it was during this time that both women and men started wearing the wedding ring after the ceremony. Wedding rings were made from gold, a symbol of eternal life for the Catholic faith, and they had engravings on them with the names of the spouses.

The gold ring offers its wearer the qualities needed for an ideal and long-lasting relationship.

Also with regard to the choice of finger that wears the ring, we must be able to trace the origins of an Egyptian belief that says an artery of a small size passes through the ring finger up the arm, and then directly at the heart. In Christian religion, however, it was the left ring finger that the priest touched after touching the three fingers to invoke the Father Son, Father and Holy Spirit.

In actuality, the wedding ring is put on the left ring finger because of practical reasons. This is because it is the weakest finger on the hand and thus the one that is least utilized.

There is an ancient Chinese belief that every finger on your hand represents the person you love dearly. The small finger is our children's The middle finger represents ourselves The thumb represents our parents The index finger represents our sisters and brothers and the ring represents the person who is our partner.

As diverse as their roots, so too are their styles: from the classic Mantua to the more modern Sardinian and the less slender French, there are many different types of wedding bands that couples can choose.

At Les Creations, goldsmith artisans will create custom wedding ring according to the tastes and requirements of the future couples and will have the opportunity to own a unique and inimitable piece to seal an equally special bond.

In spite of any belief or tradition no matter what the belief or tradition is, the wedding ring remains a symbol of joy, an unambiguously proclaimed sign of the desire of all to live forever with the person loved and, it is exactly this message, regardless of the shape, color or the presence or absence of stones to make these rings the most precious that a man and woman can ever wear.

And you? Have you chosen your rings to pledge loyalty?

We're waiting for you in the Les Creations boutique in Rome located in Via Crescenzio 43, in the middle of Rome.

Visit our online store We hope you will find the wedding rings that best reflect you and your bond. If you have any special requests custom rings, or rings that you design yourself we'll be happy to assist you in making your dreams come true, transforming your drafts into the wedding rings that will accompany you for the rest of your life.


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