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Foreign ownership of companies is permitted. There is no mandatory screening of foreign investment. The government, however, conducts de facto screenings of most investments to determine which businesses are eligible for special tax treatment, access to licenses, land, and approval for investment incentives. In spite of recent efforts to remove discretionary power from the various ministries, ministers still retain significant authority to determine how relevant laws, such as the Investment Act, Small Business Act, and Procurement Act, are applied.

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Foreign and domestic firms possess the right to establish and own business enterprises and engage in all forms of remunerative activity. Enterprises in mining, telecommunications, forestry, banking, and tourism sectors require licenses. Obtaining necessary licenses can be a time-consuming task. According to GO-INVEST's Investor's Roadmap, the estimated processing time to obtain the approvals to lease state or government owned lands may take one year; some investors report much longer processing times.

Private enterprises compete with public enterprises under the same terms and conditions of market access, credit and other business operations, and licenses. Six SOEs exist in Guyana: Guyana Sugar Corporation (GUYSUCO), Guyana Gold Board, Guyana Oil Company Limited, Guyana Power and Light Inc., National Communications Network, and the Guyana National Printers. The corporate governance structure of Guyanese SOEs requires that the senior management report to the chief executive officer, who reports to the board of directors, who in turn report to a government minister. Political interventions occur in the management of SOEs, since their boards of directors are filled through political appointments directed by the Office of the President. 350c69d7ab


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