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A York University research team is collaborating with Inkbox, a Toronto-based startup that uses semi-permanent tattoo technology, to better understand the science behind their revolutionary tattoo technology. The science could support the development of semi-permanent tattoos with different colours. Inkbox was acquired by Bic in January 2022 for U.S. $65 million.

forever the new tattoo facebook


Oregon football coach Dan Lanning recently showed off a new tattoo of his wife reportedly across his torso with several college football logos as ink across her body. The elaborate tattoo of Lanning's wife, Sauphia, includes meaningful symbols to the family like the Oregon "O" across her neck, an Alabama "A" on her cheek and logos for Arizona State and Pittsburgh within the image.

"Every piece that he is for this team. I can't speak enough on as a coach, you know, I coach for the relationships. I love to win, but we have relationships on this team. Everybody says blood is thicker than water. I sure love these guys. Maybe not true blood, but I share blood with these guys. These guys are my family. They'll forever be my family and they'll forever be part of my first team here as a head coach, and for that I'm forever grateful."

Barker, the heavily tattooed blink-182 drummer and frequent pop collaborator, shared photos of his Taylor Hawkins tattoo process on Wednesday (April 13). The images showed Barker being accompanied by his fiancée, Kourtney Kardashian, as tattoo artist Mark Mahoney did the work on his foot. Barker also included a throwback pic of him and Hawkins.

Trends come and go, but good design is forever. Follow the latest design trends while learning about their origins and cultural relevance with our Design Trends section. And remember, when it comes to trends, what goes around always comes back around.

Using the very latest in Laser Technology our Professionally Trained Team can remove or lighten your existing tattoo. We can target all colours with our 1064, 755, and 532nm wavelengths. Our focus is Tattoo removal, and with 30 years in the tattoo industry, we understand tattoo pigment.

Founded by award-winning tattoo artist Steve Nesbit in 1997, Powerhouse Tattoo Studio will help make your creative dreams a reality in the form of a tasteful tattoo. A master of customised tattoo designs for over 30 years.

Our custom Studio in Woodville, is a relaxed retreat away from the city hustle. Just 20 minutes from Palmerston North, or a 2 hour drive from Wellington through the Wairarapa. Each client enjoys our sole attention in the chair. We appreciate your Tattoo time as much as you do. Our ethos is tattoos which stand the test of time, we want you to enjoy your artwork forever.

The other day after brushing my teeth, I startled myself when I caught a glimpse of a tattoo I\u2019d forgotten about above my left elbow. Memory soon arrived to fill in the blanks, but I\u2019ve been thinking about that moment of surprise ever since.

The tattoo is a simple one: a rough circle drawn with a thick line of India ink, which started out black, but has faded to dark blue over the past eleven years. It\u2019s the outline of a rubber bullet scar I acquired at the Toronto G20 in 2010, made permanent by a cute crust punk in a Montr\u00E9al kitchen six months later. When I asked my friend to tattoo me, I told him it was so I\u2019d never forget what I went through. I wanted to give shape to the dark pit that my life had become, and together we did just that, with masking tape, a sewing needle, a pencil, and ink.

Some of this didn\u2019t stick, and some of it did (the gay mullet couldn\u2019t be repressed forever.) But I realized that I wasn\u2019t a failure for not having saved the world by my 25th birthday. I wasn\u2019t some super special person, part of a revolutionary vanguard, or an alien trapped in a flesh suit against my will. I was a human being, having human experiences, trying to make sense out of the chaos life had thrown at me. I had a bumpy past and more than a few regrets\u2014but who didn\u2019t? My grip on my outsider identity began to loosen.

It is an oriental floral with a fiercely sensual scent. It creates obsession and an addiction to love. Loverdose Tattoo is to be worn just like a women wears a tattoo: with intrigue. With confidence. With attitude. Top notes: Bergamot, Orange Mandarin, Cassis Heart notes: Rose, Orange Blossom, Jasmine Base notes: Tonka Beans, Rice, Vanilla, Milk


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